Joining NLG Networks

Why Join NLG Networks?


Unlimited Resources

NLG Networks has a large range of services an resources that it can provide to its community members.  From web hosting to Team sponsorships to even 24/7 Support given by Skype.  No other gaming network can give you this and much more.

Be Represented

NLG Networks will fight for you if you end up in a dispute.  we be leave in standing be hide our members and ensuring they are happy at all time.

Promotional opportunities

Learn basic leadership skills move up the ladders of leadership. Entry into community director operations will teach life lessons such as control, marketing, dedication and following policy and procedures.   Great introductions to business management.

Far more then a clan

Why join a clan when you can join our network? NLG is going to bring the most advance and best run community’s for gaming. Giving the gamers the chance to become social while climbing the ladders of gaming success


Become a part of a sponsored and recognized organization that believes in investing its income and revenue into the membership of the community.

Become a pro

Becoming a part of the Official pro team is liking playing for your states NFL team, you become an icon and role model for the network and have a fan base that will cheer for you during every opponent you come across. You will be trained by the best in your game and will couched every step of the way. This is how Pro should be.

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