Objectives and Plans

Below is the overview of objectives and plans for this quarter for NLG Gaming Networks.

Strategic Highlights

NLG Networks will be launching new services and restarting operations for Xbox and PC gaming in Quarter 1 2016. Such services to be launched: Network Operations site, Dedicated PC Gaming Servers, Pro team sponsor.

Financial Highlights

For February to April NLG Networks forecasts to spend initial investment into the new company of around $1,300.00 this investment will help with supplying necessary components for success. Such components are upgrading and optimizing network servers to be suited for the needs for the network, creating and obtaining to graphic art / logos, finding and setting up a pro team for Xbox 360 / one

Operating Highlights

  1. For the next 30 days lower end leadership will be located and added to the network with a bottom up approach. End of 30days highest leadership level achieved should be Director of community operations.
  2. Obtain / update / change all dedicated server to be best suited for the new network
  3. Ensure all proper documents including ranking system, code of conduct, moving up packets and sponsorship agreements information packets are completed and ready for release.
  4. Release new community website.
  5. Find and support new pro team for Xbox 360 / One / PC
  6. Improve consumer confidence by reinsuring the network will not fail but including fail safe measures.

Looking Ahead

Looking far and beyond this current quarter there is a good chance the network will flourish and become a power house of gaming news, Competitions and social gaming. This will be achieved by hard work, dedication and good time commit of all members in leadership and all general members in the network.

Financial Summary

Projected Budget for Quarter 1 20156is $1,300 but not to exceed $2,300.

  1. $250 for Pro team recruitment and initial investment of team players.
  2. $200 for initial installation and purchase of servers.
  3. $275 for installation of ladder and tournament system.
  4. $575 for purchase of 2 Citrix Access / application servers for VOIP services such as Team Speak.

Company structure breakdown

NLG Networks (Next Level Gaming)

  • Overall responsibility of network success and operations
  • Oversees and runs tournaments
  • Official contract holder of sponsorship
  • Provides funding and budgets
  • Oversees advertisement partnership
  • Obtain 3rd party sponsors and teams
  • Promotes overall network
  • Pays bills and payroll (If employees hired)
  • Ownership Equity
  • The governing body of the network (Network Wide Board Of Directors)
  • High Level Leadership positions
  • CEO / COO / Director of Gaming / Director of Network Ops / Director of Support / Director of team services / Director of IT / Marketing Director

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